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This song makes me wish I was on a boat with my friends on Lake Guntersville. 


Dad called and told me to go check the sunset

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*me after buying groceries*

Sigur Ros | Untitled #4

This guy would be my buddy

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Mornings are my favorite. They’d be infinitely better like this.

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These Days: 6.8.14 - 9.8.14
Drive from Texas to LA with my mom & brother.

It can’t get here soon enough

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Sunrise in the Glen

"Well those were formative years. Maybe that’s why I like to drink my beers warm, and I like to take my pants off and I like a little ink on my girl. I always thought I’d end up owning my own boat before a home."


So today I went in the studio with Paul Finebaum over at WJOX. Paul hosts a college football talk radio program based out of Birmingham. Although it’s based here, he is one of the most prominent sports talk radio hosts in the nation and definitely the #1 in college football radio shows nationwide. I am a fan of his show and grateful he allowed me to come in and sit during the show and shoot some photos.

You can check out his show on XM radio, Weekdays 2-6 pm (central time on (94.5 FM in Birmingham), or read his weekly column on

A true Alabamaian hero