File this under “Things I’m Stoked For”

This is the brand spanking new Regions Field in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. This is the new home of the Birmingham Barons, the affiliate team of the Chicago White Sox. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Birmingham, this new ballpark is right in the middle of downtown. Not only is it next to an award winning urban park (it beat out Manhattan’s High Line) and my favorite local brewery but it’s also just a handful of blocks from my home. 

This spring and summer is going to be filled with day and night bike rides to and from this field, lots of Thirsty Thursdays, friends, laughs and cheers. I’m really excited about all the things Birmingham is doing. Forbes just named it one of the top growing downtown areas in the country. 

Bring on baseball, bring on spring, bring on friends, bring on fun. I can’t wait and for those of you reading this in the Birmingham area, I’ll see you there. 

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    Luckily they were able to patch that sinkhole pretty fast, but I hear there are still problems. Hopefully it’s done in...
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    Now i have something to do this summer thank the lord!!
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